Why is data now more important than ever?

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As the digital world continues to thrive, data is becoming one of the most valuable commercial resources on the planet. With over 53% of the world's population using the internet*, data is now more important than ever. 

1 out of 1.6 billion

With over 100,000 domains being registered every day*, the competition online is fierce. There are over 1.6 billion websites on the internet*, so it’s important that your website stands out above the rest. The power of data can help you identify where your website is positioned online, which is vital for understanding whether you need to enhance your website’s visibility.

*source: techjury.net

Using data to improve your website’s visibility

With hundreds of statistics from free data sources online, you will be able to see how you can improve your website’s performance. With tools such as Google Analytics, you can tell which pages on your website are performing best and the ones you need to improve. You can also find data regarding what keywords people are searching for on Google via Google’s Search Console. If you can optimise your website correctly for search engines (SEO), you will be able to drive more relevant traffic to your website. With one of our clients, we have managed to increase the visibility of their website by 304% in 6 months, using cost effective and simple techniques.

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Improving your conversions by using data

Data can also help you identify where you can improve your website's conversions. If you have an e-commerce website, you want to make sure that your customers are interested in buying your products. Collecting data from digital heat maps (such as HotJar or Lucky Orange) can help you improve the UX (user experience) on your website so that you can achieve more conversions. For example, with one of our CrowdPowerTM* clients, we identified that their web users were struggling to navigate through the website. After analysing our heat maps, we made front-end changes to make the website more user friendly, which improved the conversion rates dramatically:

*Avatar’s Marketing as a Service solution

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Data can influence your business strategy

When it comes to making business decisions, the most fundamental rule is to do your research first. Many projects have failed in the past because of the lack of research, but data is becoming more accessible, helping project managers make more successful decisions. Google Dataset Search is a fantastic example of collecting secondary data for research and we would highly recommend that you use this in your next research project!

Data can change a customer’s decision

With the increasing number of comparison sites appearing online, customers are changing their purchasing decisions now more than ever. This is as a result of more accessible review information and pricing data being available, enabling customers to see which products are best for them. Furthermore, it’s getting even easier to gather and use statistical data to influence a customers decision: 

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It’s clear that data is a vital tool that can help plan and execute tasks which can achieve positive results. Billions of people search online every day and data will always be at the forefront, collecting information to help us build the best solutions for our users.

Designed by humans, driven by data

CrowdPower is our unique solution dedicated to utilising data and multi-channel marketing methods to connect brands with their customers. Our team immerse themselves into your brand and the lifestyle of your customers gathering, strategising and intelligently segmenting data interactions.

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