Case Study: Oleeo

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Oleeo, a software company specialising in recruitment, wanted to launch their new Artificial Intelligence [AI] driven Intelligent Selection [IS] software solution. They needed an agency to help them raise awareness of the Oleeo brand, promote their technological capabilities as well as educate customers on the competitive benefits of using IS for talent acquisition.

We were selected against some top London agencies due to our strategic and targeted experience and suggested approach. We were asked to create and manage an engaging creative campaign which would obtain 5 net-new clients by illustrating the advantages of using this software. The research suggested that a personalised account-based marketing [ABM] approach would have the most cut through with c-suite individuals and together we identified 20 top organisations and individuals to engage.

As an agency, we are brand-led; we uncover the core reason ‘Why’ people should use a brand before digging into their products or services. For Oleeo, we wanted to place them above their competitors and inspire potential customers of the possibilities with Oleeo. While everyone was beating the “Culture” drum, we created a unique rhythm for Oleeo - Don’t employ for culture fit, employ for culture add. The stand-out difference with Oleeo is; ‘Why employ the same when you can employ even better?’.

This then enabled us to exemplify the software through a fitting campaign language and style. “See the unseen” represents the software’s unique capability to couple human-ability with AI. Oleeo’s software solution can detect, filter and identify the best talent match for an organisation faster and more accurately, saving time, reducing resource and improving accuracy. 

Our concept was based around being Superhuman – allowing the end-user to go beyond the realms of what is humanly possible. We drew parallels with this concept by creating graphics which to the naked eye were impossible to read. We drew inspiration from Secret Agent glasses, a prevalent child's toy created around the era of our top 20 target audience. We then custom-made branded Decoder glasses which simulated Superhuman powers which only when worn would reveal the solution as a clear and defined message.

The campaign was developed to be used across strategic marketing collateral, both physical and digital. One of which was a presenter box which was delivered to the top 20 accounts and included a personalised video highlighting the strengths of Oleeo’s IS software. The campaign was so successful that we opened our reach and sent a further 160 personalised pillow-pack mailers containing the Decoder glasses to key individuals, this broadened the campaign reach while remaining targeted and manageable for the sales team.

Within the first two months of the campaign launch, Oleeo had secured meetings with 3 top 20 accounts and 16 with the remaining 160.

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