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We are family

Our challenge was to bring the Kebbell brand up-to-date, reflecting the welcoming, mindful and progressive nature of this family run business. Much bigger than they seem, it was as much about raising their profile as refreshing the brand. Our creative approach saw the development of the company’s mission, vision and values, which led to the core messaging ‘For How You Live’. Conveying Kebbell’s philosophy, this now flows throughout their brand and customer experience.

Kebbell Presentation
Kebbell | New Kebbell logo
Kebbell | Kebbell Brand Video
Kebbell Presentation2
Kebbell | Stationery
Kebbell Presentation3
Kebbell | Website
Kebbell Presentation4
Kebbell | Corporate Avertising Campaign
Kebbell Presentation5
Kebbell | Kebbell marketing suite flyers
Kebbell Presentation6
Kebbell | Corporate Advertising Campaign
Kebbell Presentation7
Kebbell | Corporate Advertising Campaign


We are international

When Tesla launched the Model S electric car across Europe, we were at the heart of their multi-channel, pan-European marketing activities. Coordinating with offices around the continent, we ensured the brand’s style and tone were maintained as the messaging was adjusted and translated for each country.

Airport Display
Tesla | Airport banners and signage
Tesla Postcards
Tesla | Direct mail campaigns
Tesla Roller Banners
Tesla | Multi-lingual brand management
Tesla Powerwall 3
Tesla | Product launch literature
Tesla Powerwall 2
Tesla | Product launch literature

Ellison Park

We are place makers

Our ability to unlock the unique aspect of these new homes meant we were the perfect partners for this startup new homes developer. Drawing creative inspiration from the proud village history of both world wars we created an identity, brochure and website which brought the past to life and guaranteed the peace and balance between new and old.

Brochure Cover
Ellison Park | Property branding, design and print PUR bound brochure
Img 6965 1
Ellison Park | Ellison Park brochure
Img 6968 1
Ellison Park | Ellison Park brochure
Img 6977 1
Ellison Park | CGI planning
Img 6974 1
Ellison Park | Ellison Park brochure
Dsc 0017 Adj
Ellison Park | Bespoke drawn maps
I Stock 637664682
Ellison Park | Advertising for launch
Ellisonpark Ibook 1
Ellison Park | Website


We commit

For over a decade, we’ve been Millgate Homes’ main agency. We’ve worked together on everything from creating the company’s brand to building their website. As housebuilders, the three pillars of their business are Vision, Design and Craftsmanship and, in everything we’ve created for them, our pillars are the same.

Millgate1 1440X900Px
Millgate | Corporate brochure design and print
Multi Webdevices 2
Millgate | Responsive website design including CMS system
Img 6986 1
Millgate | Breedon Place by Millgate
Img 6988 1
Millgate | Singer Sewn binding
Img 6999 1
Millgate | Location spread


We refresh

Belvedere Homes enlisted our services to help with their transition from an established property developer to a bespoke, client-build outfit. We created a fresh brand and a marketing campaign that spoke to their discerning new audience with a simple message – ‘Building homes as unique as you are’. / ‘Bespoke builds; as individual as you’.

Dsc 0926 Adj
Belvedere | Brand theory and design
Dsc 0931 Adj
Belvedere | Corporate brochure and print
Dsc 0938 Adj
Belvedere | Corporate brochure and print
Stationery Mockup 2
Belvedere | Corporate Stationery
Belvedere Magazine Psd Mockup
Belvedere | Corporate advertisement
Belvedere Ipad 2 Ipad
Belvedere | Responsive design and build including CMS


We are competitive

When Bovingdons Estate Agents entered the competitive marketplace of Beaconsfield, it was up to us to create a brand and office that appeared established from day one. We listened to the company’s vision and turned that vision into a reality, creating a brand that stood out but didn’t look out of place with the high-end competition.

Bovingdons Shop Facade Logo Mock Up Opt2
Bovingdons | Beaconsfield’s newest luxury home estate agent
Bovingdons Letterhead Business Cards
Bovingdons | Brand and corporate stationery
Sales Sign
Bovingdons | Sales board

EAB Homes

We respect

When the next generation of this family business took over, they decided to change the direction of the company to appeal to a more discerning clientele. Sensitive to the legacy of the company, we created a brand and a backstory that paid homage to the company’s history.

Dsc 0037 Adj
EAB Homes | Award-winning boutique homebuilder rebrand
Magazine Mock Up 2
EAB Homes | Corporate advertisement
Website Iphone 1
EAB Homes | Responsive website design and build
Website Ipad 1
EAB Homes | Website design and build including CMS system
Eabhomes Mockup
EAB Homes | Vehicle livery
Mulberryhouse1 1440X900Px
EAB Homes | Mulberry House brochure by EAB
Img 6955
EAB Homes | Hardback brochure
Img 6953
EAB Homes | Mulberry House floorplans
Img 6949
EAB Homes | Brochure design

AJC Carpentry

We are better

A company with 25 years of history, and a multi-million-pound turnover, AJC needed a brand and a website that reflected their stature and expertise. We created a modern, striking logo and a bold strapline that perfectly encompassed the company’s ethos: ‘All together better’.

Ajc2 1440X900Px
Ajc3 1440X900Px
Img 2370
Avatar Ajc 11 Oct17 224
Ajc Iphone 1
Ajc Ipad 2
Ajc Iphone 2

Laureate Gardens

We are immersive

Immersing ourselves in the history and culture of this development, we created an identity and a marketing campaign that beautifully married the past with the present. Appealing to the older demographic, our campaign gave a sense of the lifestyle these homes would offer, with the message, ‘Age is not a number’.

Lg Advert Mockup1
Laureate Gardens | Advertisement campaign
I Stock 810172324
Laureate Gardens | Advertisement campaign


We are current

Taking complex, technical information and creating an eBook that is engaging for a readership of varying knowledge levels is something that required a bit of blue-sky thinking. We decided to do something completely different and create an interactive, Space Invaders-style game that would engage with everyone (and wouldn’t alienate anyone!).

Dsc 0531 Adj
Currencycloud | Bespoke direct mailer
Dsc 0555 Adj
Currencycloud | Bespoke direct mailer
Dsc 0566 Adj
Currencycloud | Bespoke direct mailer
Ipad Close Up
Currencycloud | Jargon buster ebook
Currencycloud | Jargon buster ebook
Ipad 1
Currencycloud | Bespoke pixel aliens


We are connected

When Colt rebranded, our ability to seamlessly transform old into new was second to none. Following strict brand guidelines we worked with European teams to implement the brand across all mediums. From internal posters to truck graphics. We went on to support the bid team to transform their tender documents and process enabling one of the company’s largest wins and creating a platform for future success.

Cab P1020018
Colt | Bespoke event invitations and flight information folder
Colt Stand Mockup
Colt | Muti-lingual exhibition support
Colt3 1440X900Px
Colt | Thompson Reuters – Printed and digital bid solutions
Colt Concertina
Colt | Printed collateral supporting PageGroup bid submission
Colt | Creative bid delivery


We connect

When Sire added cloud-based service offering to their existing portfolio it was up to us to strip away the technical jargon and ensure potential B2B customers understood how this truly connected service would revolutionise their business.

Sire Covers 1
Sire | Product collateral support
Img 3597 Rt
Sire | Event sales collateral
Img 3593 Rt
Sire | Event sales collateral


We align history

Aligning 100 years is not difficult when you know how. Working with the key stakeholders to define shared values and vision we were able to align the group of companies and define their journey to the ultimate business objective; to be fit for sale.

Edif Logo Mock Up
Edif | Corporate branding and guidelines
Edif Double Mac Book Gold 2880Px
Edif | Website design and SEO
Edif Marketing Mockup
Edif | Corporate collateral and brand management
Edif Stands Mockup Tsb 1
Edif | Exhibition stand design