When was the last time someone targeted you via your letterbox, not your inbox?

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Whoever said print is dead? Don't get me wrong, digital is popular but I’m pretty sure we can add this one to the book of old wives tales or even start to call it a fable?

Why listen to something someone said one time, once, a long time ago? Remember, marketing methods are fashionable, a bit like bell-bottom jeans, you know we’re gonna see them again! 

Marketing is about being smart, open-minded and challenging the norm. 

Before you make any sweeping decisions in your next marketing meeting, take a moment to stop and ask yourself “What does our target market want?”, “How would they like to hear from us?”, hell, even ask yourself “How can we surprise customers?”

Swap “Print is dead” for “Those who dare, win!”

While your competitors are in follow-mode consider shaking things up and doing things differently! 

Print isn’t just a brochure or mass door drop, it’s a handwritten letter from your CEO to another CEO, it’s a mini-book that you curate to share your knowledge, it’s your corporate video presented in a video brochure. It could even be an exceptional piece of chunky printed collateral like a coffee-table-look-book which represents the quality, care and attention to detail you give your customers. 

Print is only dead if we don’t consider its possibilities and the target audience receiving it. Think about it, when was the last time someone targeted you via your letterbox, not your inbox?

We are not saying that you have to single handedly revive print (because it never died) we are simply saying, be bold, consider all the possibilities, think target market, think differently.

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