What's in a story?

Brand Video For Baggage Hub

Stories can be powerful things. Presented through a sequence of written or spoken words and/or still or moving images, they have an ability to connect and inspire. They can be the game changer, the emotion generator, they enable understanding and point of view, and in a positive light, help fulfil the dream or simply realise potential.

For us, we use this power of storytelling as part of the foundations in our creative process. On any new project we immerse ourselves in its background so we can understand, challenge and explore every path. We take the time to learn who we’re talking to and ultimately identify what makes the difference, what makes it stand out and provide the leading edge. With all of this in mind and before any design work starts, we step forward into a world of words.

Whether it be working through brand foundations or defining the positioning for a development for one of our property clients, we write a story which in turn becomes the core offering. We do this collaboratively – our strength is our people and our people is what drives our passion. In some cases our stories are told through video and graphics which provides strength to its appeal making the connection stronger. 

Our stories act as beacons – a check in point if you like, helping us stay true to what we are creating, ensuring our work is succinct and engaging with the right audience.

If we’re able to instil a moment of recognition, create an opportunity of change or achieve inspiration then we’ve told our story well and have made that imperative connection to generate an all important reaction. At Avatar we are not just designers, we are also storytellers.

View our brand videos for Kebbell and Baggage Hub 

Kebbell Brand Video
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