What to look for when looking for a new creative design agency?

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The time has come. You simply can't take it anymore. The final lack-lustre attempt at turning your creative brief into a creative solution has just hit your inbox and before you have even opened the PDF attachment you bypassed excitement and headed straight for a one-way ticket on the fear train, next stop, acceptance.

You knew it was inevitable but you hoped that "this time, they'll get it!". What could go wrong, you spent an additional two hours writing the creative brief! 

So, what to look for when looking for a new creative design agency... it's not that big an ask... in simple terms, you don't want Seth Godin's purple cows or Adam Morgan’s big fish, what you need is a like-minded, creative design agency capable of turning your vision into reality, through a clear understanding of your target market, your product or service and your business. And if you’re not sure what that vision is, a creative design agency that can help you define it. Oh, and who 'gets' the term return-on-investment.

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Like-minded - In short, having similar tastes or opinions. We all have our own personal field-of-reference (the way we see the world), and it's your choice who you welcome into yours. From one face-to-face meeting with the owner of a creative design agency and their team, and make sure you do meet the owner before making any final decision, you'll know just how likely your two companies are to get along. You need to know if you both have similar fields-of-reference because if you don't then more than likely your ideas will clash and your subjective opinions will be heading in completely different directions. Plus, if the owner wants to meet you, more than likely they are looking for the same thing as you are - like-mindedness.

Structure - Every creative design agency needs a methodology. Without it, it's like Columbus without the stars. It is a clear and simple method in which they approach projects to achieve a creative outcome. It is the principle they live and breath by. The energy and vigour which makes a creative design agency creative can be a crazy place, this is why without this minutia of control, you simply never know what you might end up with. 

Experience - Remember, this is not always a necessity. If you get along with the creative design agency owner and they have a methodology you like and understand, then more than likely you can expect creative that delivers. Simply deep diving into their approach to a creative project can be all it takes to place a little faith in them. There is never any harm in direct asking "how would you approach my project?". While your competitors are in the rhythm of eat, sleep, repeat, why not be brave and try someone a little different? However, if you all get along, the methodology fits and they have the experience in your sector then you've hit the big time.  

And of course you want to be shown plenty of examples of their Creative output - it should be engaging, compelling, relevant, polished. That should be a given.

Now you are tooled with what to look for when looking for a new creative design agency, dive in and explore our methodology, take a look at our experience then be brave and give us a call to arrange a face-to-face meeting.

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