The importance of using data to build content

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Data plays a key role in how we assess performance, understand user behaviour and build strategies. Throughout lockdown, we have seen a shift in how users interact with social media and the type of content industries have posted. Of course, with people spending more time at home and services being restricted, this is to be expected. 

Our content focus for our clients at first was ensuring that customers understood how each business was handling COVID-19 and showing compassion in these uncertain times. 

Whilst this content served a valuable purpose, it was new and acted as a stranger to our client's users, in our already established content plan. It was no surprise that this in combination with 'social media fatigue', a tendency for users to pull back from social media in overwhelming situations, that we saw a dip in engagement. 

To combat this, we dived into the analytics to gain a better understanding of behaviour flow across our client's websites. We strenuously analysed which types of content worked and used this as the basis for moving forward. Through this, we were able to achieve improving key metrics by 30% and momentum picked up.

It's a key lesson to continuously use data to ensure your content is hitting business objectives. We're keen to take these learnings with us into future months to continue pushing content which drives engagement and builds a quality following.

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