Should SEO & PPC be friends?

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As most digital marketers know SEO & PPC can be a very complicated relationship. An SEO spends many months to get their website ranking for a particular search query and then WHAM! A paid Google ad steals all the traffic, making all that hard work from the SEO feel pointless. Although this might seem frustrating for an SEO, should organic and paid traffic shake hands and become the best of friends? In this article, I’m going to explain why SEO and PPC should get along.

High organic rankings can help save ad spend

Let’s face it, PPC is getting expensive as more competitors jump on board the GoogleAds train, but if your website is already ranking well on Google organically, why should you pay money for it? Improving your SEO can save your PPC budgets in the long run, so it's important to strategise with both techniques.

Both SEO & PPC helps build more trust with users

Although this might be an expensive strategy, having a paid ad for a search term that your website is ranking well for can build trust with the user. Here is an example, if someone searches for “king size beds” let's imagine that the first PPC ad you see is this:

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Looks a bit spammy right? So the user would naturally avoid the ad and scroll down to see what else is available:

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Now, this looks more trustworthy, but the user realises that the PPC ad is from the same website promoting a discount. The user would then be more likely to click on the paid ad, thanks to the trustworthiness of the organic listing.

It’s all about the keywords

The keyword strategies for SEO and PPC are very different, so finding a new opportunity can be beneficial for both roles. An SEO is always looking for opportunities to create exciting and compelling content which aims to answer the user's needs, while PPC is all about finding keywords that can convert and drive traffic to your website quickly and effectively.

An SEO can help with your landing pages 

If you are looking for good quality content to help improve your conversions, an SEO professional can help you out. With content becoming one of the largest ranking factors on Google, an SEO expert should be very experienced in writing an effective landing page. For PPC, you will need landing pages, which are effective and relevant to your ads, and an SEO is the perfect person for this job.

The new hybrid of digital marketer

It’s common in the digital market for SEO and PPC roles to be combined into one job. Not only this saves the company a bit of money, but also allows the person to have an overall look at the digital campaign. Both SEO and PPC have their similarities but it’s important to not mould the strategies together.


It can be a very easy decision for a manager to go for a PPC strategy over an SEO one. It’s quick to set up and you can easily rank on Google, but it can cost a lot of money. For business dedicated to selling multiple products, it can be a difficult life for an SEO as the boss expects instant results, not realising that organic search is more of a long term strategy. PPC can take you far but SEO helps to push out relevancy, brand awareness, local identity and information which is useful for your clients. 

SEO and PPC do have their similarities and should defiantly be best of friends but give the SEO guy a little more time and patience!

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