Q A With Annah

Q&A with Annah

Annah has now been at Avatar for over 6 months! See what she thinks of her experience at Avatar.
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Should SEO & PPC be friends?

As most digital marketers know SEO & PPC can be a very complicated relationship. An SEO can spend many months to get their website ranking for a particular search query and then WHAM! A PPC ad steals all of the traffic, making all that hard work from the SEO feel pointless. Although this might seem frustrating for an SEO, should organic and paid traffic shake hands and become the best of friends? In this article, I’m going to explain why SEO and PPC should get along.
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The battle of keeping digital advertising “safe”

For many years, internet giants such as Google and YouTube have been and are still facing one of the most difficult tasks to date; showing safe advertising to the public. Although there are many policies in place to keep digital ads safe, many companies and users are still affected by this problem.
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How to visualise your websites link profile

When you talk to an SEO expert about improving your website’s link profile, they will start to bore you by talking about “link juice” and “domain authority” but what does it mean? And is there a better way to see an overall picture of your website’s link profile?
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