Now more than ever, digital really counts. CrowdPower™ is the way to make it work for you

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One thing that the coronavirus crisis has shown is how important it is for digital activity to be at the heart of your future marketing strategy. 

For the last few months, most of us have been living our daily lives online, whether it’s work, fitness, healthcare, shopping, socialising or schoolwork. Statistics show that there’s been a 45% worldwide increase in social media usage across the world.

Behaviours have changed, probably for good, so a successful marketing strategy has to reflect this new reliance on digital. And as lockdown ends, competition for your audience’s attention will be fierce. Could it be time to review your current strategy and add some more digital to the mix?

At Avatar, we can offer clients a unique service, our CrowdPower™ multi-channel marketing solution, which is designed to connect brands with their customers through all channels. It enables our clients to be nimble and adaptable in their marketing methods, and it can all be done with Avatar. For instance, if one month a client wants to invest in SEO, instead of having to go through another agency or find someone in-house, they can use CrowdPower™ to do so. If needs then shift to pushing a particular product or service, we can run PPC or Paid Social campaigns to gain further traction. 

It’s also a bespoke, flexible service with measurable results. This means clients can continuously review which methods are working best for them, using CrowdPower™ real-time statistics and analytics of both traditional print media as well as digital channels.

We believe all companies should enter this new, post-lockdown digital age with a strong strategy behind them. You’ll discover more about CrowdPower™ elsewhere on our website – or, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to talk about your new approach. 

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