Maximise Your Content

Maximising Your Content

While we are in lockdown, naturally, there is a reduction in inspiration and resources to create new marketing collateral. Now more than ever, it is important to maximise your content and transform this into multiple ideas. 

We’ve put together our guide on how stay creative during this time.

Never cease finding inspiration

Research is pinnacle to helping find new ideas. Use a range of blogs, website and social media accounts to look at what the industry is doing and how you can incorporate this into your media plan. 

Don’t forget your past

Previous work should not be locked away. Past photoshoots, prints or videos can be reworked or repurposed. We have found that clients have folders of photos which they though couldn't be used, only to find that with the right strategy behind it, they fit brands messaging to a T.

Schedule creative chaos

Grab a piece of paper and jot down the first thing that comes to mind for a new project regarding your audience, brand voice, content and delivery. Expand on those ideas. Soon your paper will be a page full of possibilities for you to use.

Take a moment

Our brains need a break from time-to-time and pushing ideas out during a burnout can lead to sloppy or ill-thought work. Don't forget to take a break and do something refreshing such as go on a walk, enjoy time in the garden or sit with a nice cup of tea. You'll feel more refreshed and your brain will thank you for it. 

With the above tips, you'll find how quickly one idea can be turned into multiple outlets for content. As our Head of Design says, any good designer will know inspiration is all around us, you just need to have your ears, eyes and mind open.

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