Interview with Kat

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Q1. Wow, over a year at Avatar! How does it feel?

It's great, to be honest. The team are so lovely and easy to get along with and everyone is really passionate about what they do so the time has just flown by.

Q2. What has been your biggest highlight at Avatar?

There has been so many! For me, it would have to be growing a new client's channels. We put a lot of thought into the design, messaging and targeting for our clients and it's so great when you can see that pay off with measurable results. 

Q3. What motivates you to get the job done?

We work with some incredible clients and they never hold back from sharing their praise when you've done a job well done. The team are also highly supportive, everyone celebrates each other's accomplishments and we take a lot of pride in what we do.

Office Acres
Just a short stroll from our office studio

Q4. What do you enjoy most about working at Avatar?

I've touched on it above, but I do love how passionate everyone is about doing a great job and how everyone brings something different to the table. It's also a great environment to be in, the team are friendly and the location of our studio at the farm is really quite special.

Q5. What is the most valuable thing you have learnt during your time at Avatar?

Honestly, it has been such an amazing learning experience! Avatar put a focus on details that can often be overlooked by other agencies. I think the biggest thing I have learned is the importance of having solid branding foundations and using that as the groundwork for any marketing campaign. 

Q6. How have you found Avatar during lockdown?

I have spent the majority of my time at Avatar remote working and I have to say it's been brilliant. The office is there when we need it (and it is safe to do so). There is a great balance between feeling supported with regular calls/catch up's and being given the freedom to control your day in a way that works for you. 

Q7. Describe Avatar in 3 words

Bold, caring and passionate.

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