How do the 7 Ps work in digital marketing?

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If you work in marketing, you might be familiar with the 7 Ps of the traditional and extended marketing mix. Although this is predominately used in marketing as a whole, these methods can also be used in the digital landscape.

Let’s take a step back and explain the 7 Ps:

Marketing Mix


The pricing strategies you plan for the product you are marketing (selling price, discounts etc)


The features and services of the product, which makes it unique (quality, packaging, appearance etc)


The distribution of the product and where it can be seen (logistics, distribution channels, market coverage etc)


The staff who work for the business, and how you want them to be perceived by your customers (customer service, attitude, appearance etc)


The creative elements which make the business and product more known to clients and customers (Advertising, Media, PR etc)

Extended Marketing Mix


The systems and processes that deliver the product to the customer (software, equipment etc)

Physical Evidence

An element of the physical environment that a customer experiences during the decision making and buying processes (Shopping bags, badges, lanyards, reviews etc)

How can this work in digital marketing?

In the world of digital marketing your website is your business. It represents your companies’ values and philosophies so the content on your website needs to add value, and be relevant to your customers. If your digital marketing activities also follow the marketing mix, you will be well on your way on creating a successful campaign.


There are many pricing strategies you can implement on your website, which will make your products stand out to your customers:

  • Discount codes
  • Online vouchers
  • Price cutting (20% off etc)
  • Packages and bundles

These techniques have worked very successfully on websites in the past. Amazon is a fantastic example of this, generating $258.22 billion in online retail sales in the US during 2018 (that’s 49.1% of ALL online retail spend in the United States). Amazon vouchers and discounts were a large contributor to these sales, demonstrating how important pricing strategies are in digital marketing.


It’s incredibly important that users entering your website see your product’s features and services. With the popularity of YouTubers rapidly increasing, companies are now paying them to sponsor their products by making unboxing videos. This is a great example on how you can share your products features to millions of customers.

On your website, you can make your product stand out by using indicative imagery. Companies such as Apple and Dyson do an excellent job of this, using stunning images to promote their product’s latest features.

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It might seem impossible that the distribution of a product can happen in a digital landscape however, some businesses solely rely on it. Uber for example has many drivers waiting for the golden phone call via its app to pick up a passenger. The user can easily see where the driver is and can contact them straight away though this digital medium. 

Another example of Place being used is with fast food companies such as Pizza Hut. The Pizza giant shows a live update to tell when your order is being delivered, and can even tell you when it’s in the oven!  


With the advancement of technology and AI, the marketing mix element of People is becoming more widely used online. Thousands of websites now use chat bots to contact users directly to answer their needs. Social Media is also a fantastic service to help customers answer their questions regarding a product. If you take a look at Vodaphone’s Twitter account and click on “Tweets & Replies” you can see the extraordinary work the customer service team do to help their clients.

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Now this is a pretty easy one to fit into digital. There are so many effective ways to use promotion in digital marketing:

  • E-banners
  • Email
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • YouTube
  • Video Advertising
  • Web Forums
  • Blogging
  • Podcasts
  • Digital PR
  • E-newsletters
  • Social Influencers

And much more!

With so many possibilities to promote your brand and products, why not start with digital?


Although Process is commonly related to the processes of product delivery, an e-commerce website can have similar traits. With the amount on online purchases increasing at a substantial rate, the ‘journey’ of a user entering a website and then buying a product is more important than ever. The role of a UX (User Experience) designer is to make that user journey as easy as possible through attractive website design. Other technical aspects of a website can also effect the process of a users journey:

  • Website Speed - People are becoming more impatient, if it takes too long for a webpage to load, you could loose potential customers.
  • Device Optimisation - With the majority of people browsing on smart phones and tablets, can your website adapt to all devices?
  • E-commerce Optimisation - How easy is it for a user to make a payment online? Can someone make a payment from a different country? How quickly can a payment be processed?
  • Conversion Optimisation - How many steps does it take for a user to make a conversion? Can you improve these steps?

Process is all about thinking how you can improve a users journey. Always think about the customer first and what their expectations are when interacting with your website.

Physical Evidence 

Physical evidence in a digital world? Surely not! Well…we have a question for you: 

When was it the last time you made an online purchase based on reviews?

This is one of the biggest examples of physical evidence that can be found online. From TripAdvisor to TrustPilot, these review/comparison websites use the physical evidence from public reviews to make products stand out from their competitors.

Have you ever liked a product so much, that you shared your thoughts on social media? This can also be classed as physical evidence because you are sharing your experiences to the public. Many social influencers promote and review products, which helps the customer make a decision during the buying process.

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Successful businesses can create additional sales through positive customer experiences. If a customer’s experience is so good that they start to shout about it on social media, the product or brand will promote itself.

So, does digital work in the 7 Ps of the marketing mix? Of course it does! You can use the marketing mix through digital marketing to make your brand and product stand out from your competitors.

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