Coronavirus: How to get your messaging across

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By now your inbox and social media feeds have most likely become inundated with emails and posts from different businesses explaining how they are handling the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Of course, it is important to let your customers know how you will be continuing your services and what steps you are taking, but how do you write one of these emails or posts?

Acknowledge what is happening and your customers concerns

Businesses need to recognise the current climate, as many have said, we are living in unprecedented times. Turning a blind eye to this can make your company seem out of touch. 

Additionally, your customers needs and concerns will have changed, as a business, this needs to be acknowledged to feel understood.  

This is your chance to reassure them and be a helpful and guiding voice. Engage with your customers and don't be afraid to speak directly to them about their concerns.

Stick to the facts

Whilst it is important to recognise these concerns, it is critical to not scaremonger. Stick to the facts. Be honest about what your company is doing, whether that is introducing stricter hygiene measurements or working from home. 

Your customers will feel more secure knowing that you have a strategy on how you are dealing with things and how you plan to push forward.

Remember your brand messaging

Each company has a unique set of values which help define the business. Your brand messaging, regardless of the situation, should remain coherent across all channels and maintain a consistent tone of voice.

Get extra help if you need it

Not every company is lucky enough to have a great copywriter or PR person on hand to write content like this. If you are still struggling with the best approach, look to using external help. 

At Avatar we have brilliant social media and PR teams who are ready to help. 

Stay calm

The reality is that whilst we are currently living in the uncertainty of what will happen, we are all going through it together. 

Remain strong, stay safe and look forward to later months when we can leave this to the history books.

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