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Ever wondered how to rank an image on Google? In this blog we are going to try a little experiment to see if we can get an image onto the worlds’ biggest search engine.

For this task, we have decided to try and rank for the keyword “creative”

Initial Research

If you search for the word creative in image search, you will find something like this:

Creative Search Term
(source: Google Image Search)

These images have a variety of features:

  • A variety of bright colours
  • The word “creative” or “creativity” used in the page title
  • Text is used on the image
  • A “lightbulb”, “brain”, or “head” is used in the image

For this experiment we are going to create multiple images which include these features and see which one ranks on Google. If you have read the title of this page, we have already included the word “creative” 

Test 1 - Bright Colours

Creative Image Colours
Creative Test 1 - Colours

Test 2 - Using Text

Creative Text
Creative Test 2 - Text

Test 3 - Including a Lightbulb in the image

Creative Lightbulbs
Creative Test 3

Test 4 - Using a collection of these features  

Creative Image Experiment
Creative Test 4

All of the images will also have the word creative in the file name and the alt tags so hopefully, we will see them on Google! 

Which image do you think will rank first on the Google image searches?

Do you think any of them will rank at all?

We’ll keep you updated with the results in a future blog!

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