2020 social media trends

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We may be mid-way through March, but if it isn’t already, social media needs to be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy for 2020. There is a staggering 3.5 billion active users on social media each day, it isn't enough to simply post for posting sake; there has to be thought, methodology and design in your content, underpinned by a strategy driving your business objective.

We've put together our top three social media trends for 2020 to keep your marketing strategy working hard and improve engagement.

Stories do more than just story-tell 

Instagram and Facebook stories were the big hit of the last decade. With a story lasting only 24 hours, companies were immediately drawn to this new platform of marketing. Consumers are clearly interested too, each day there is over 500 million people who interact with stories. 

Stories have many benefits, from being a quick and easy way to update your users, to revealing customer reactions and new products. With the highlights feature, you can also organise your content into categories, helping users to quickly find the relevant information they seek.

The nano influencer is bigger than the micro

Influencer marketing has been put under the microscope in recent years. There's good reason too - fake influencers, bought likes and brands misrepresented. It's no wonder that companies are questioning the impact of influencer marketing and whether the ROI is really worth it. 

Enter the nano influencer, an increasingly popular and niche subcategory of social media influencers. Typically between 1,000 to 10,000 followers, these influencers offer authentic alternative. They've grown their accounts organically and started from the bottom, so they have a real understanding for authentic content.

It's time to get intimate with your content

Personalisation is becoming key to social media. It's a long-lasting trend that is applied to all areas of marketing such as email, door drops or PPC and now social media is getting its turn. 

Personalisation uses data to create tailored content and deliver relevant messaging to users. Online user behaviour is tracked so that they are shown tailored and relevant content, which in turn shows that you understand them. 

From this data you can create ads which retarget users who've interacted with your page, brought from your store or clicked a recent blog post (hey!). 

Applying the above trends, will ensure your content will support your marketing strategy, helping you hit your business objective for 2020. 

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