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Interview with Kat

Our Social Media Executive, Kat Lowe, has been with us for over a year. We have caught up with her on how she has found the past year and what working at Avatar is really like.
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Case Study: Oleeo

We are delighted to show you the behind-the-scenes thinking of our successful campaign with Oleeo, a software company specialising in recruitment.
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Interview with Lorna

Lorna, one of our graphic designers here at Avatar, has been with us for over 6 months! Working across a variety of print and digital projects, Lorna brings a lot to the table with her eye for detail and creativity.
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Understanding Hashtags: A Beginners Guide

Hashtags have become crucial to social media. Their purpose is to categorise information easily so users can identify new sources of content which are relevant to them. Brands use hashtags as a way of marketing new campaigns, whereas, television companies use hashtags so viewers can discuss episodes or create a build up to launch a new show. They help build engagement by creating talking points and build awareness by getting content out to interested users.
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The importance of using data to build content

Data plays a key role in how we assess performance, understand user behaviour and build strategies. Throughout lockdown, we have seen a shift in how users interact with social media and the type of content industries have posted. Of course, with people spending more time at home and services being restricted, this is to be expected.
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Maximising Your Content

Maximise Your Content

While we are in lockdown, naturally, there is a reduction in inspiration and resources to create new marketing collateral. Now more than ever, it is important to maximise your content and transform this into multiple ideas.
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